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Who is ZoranTheBear?

Hi there, I’m James, also known as ZoranTheBear. I’m a content creator, voice actor, and storyteller who loves to share my passions with others.

I’ve had the pleasure of working in the gaming and media industry for several years, wearing various hats like marketer, social media producer, voice actor, developer, and video editor. But my true calling is creating content with amazing people like you.

My current life project is a tabletop role-playing endeavor called Narrative Declaration. I work alongside several passionate individuals to create incredibly funny and endearing TTRPG shows, while also producing game content for people’s tables all around the world.

I’m also honored to have contributed my voice to various projects, such as the Space Marines in the Horus Heresy: Betrayal at Calth video game, Leman Russ in the If The Emperor Has a Text to Speech Device series, and other ads and productions.

I enjoy meeting new people, creating entertaining productions, and bringing joy to others. My ultimate goal is to entertain and provide a source of positivity to help you get through anything life throws your way.

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