ZoranTheBear Assumedly funny haha bear man

Who is ZoranTheBear?

James “ZoranTheBear” Smith is a content creator, voice actor, storyteller, and overall goof.

Zoran has worked in the gaming and media industry as a Marketer, Social Media Producer, Voice Actor, and Video Editor for several years. And is currently a full-time content creator on Youtube and Twitch. Either having all of you corrupting his game live on stream, or joining in a story epic in various TTRPG games he either hosts or runs as a Game Master.

You may have heard Jame’s voice in various projects. Such as the Space Marines in the Horus Heresy: Betrayal at Calth video game, Leman Russ in If The Emperor has a Text to Speech Device series, various ads, and other projects.

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