Contact Email: ZoranTheBear(at)

What I DO NOT accept; Proposals related to Mobile games, card games, moba games, “merchboxes”, and overall affiliate link style sponsorships

I DO NOT support these methods; Reading out pre-made scripts, showing off pre-made ads, non-compete clauses, commission fees, or any type of “overtime payments”, and affiliate/trickling revenue.

What I do go for; Honest and freeform gameplay of your game with your core game, DLC, expansions, etc. Agreed to length of Streams and Youtube videos of me playing your product. Videos about your tech or hardware that aligns with my content/profession.

Practices I prefer; Vocal and visual shout-outs of the brand/product I support. Creative freedom on how I do the callouts, twitch panels, video description, etc. Adding in automatic bot messages in Twitch Chat and leaving a pinned comment on the Youtube Video.

Basically, be confident in your product and let me do my thing. If I do not like the product, I usually let the company know so that we don’t go forward with it. But just let me handle it in a way that works well for me and my viewers.