What is Narrative Declaration?

Narrative Declaration is a team of TTRPG veterans, producers, writers, artists, and actors banding together to bring live plays, new worlds to explore, ferocious monsters, magic items, and more to your Table Top Role-Playing games!


Brought together by a grim variety of misfortune and arrest records, this intrepid band of chucklef*cks will do their best to fight against the dying of the light and try not to die while doing it. Mysterious forces bind the group, and will set out from the First City of Outset to see what difference they can make to the steadily encroaching end of the world.



Get ready for “Rotgoons,” a TTRPG show that shatters the mold of traditional heroes. These aren’t your typical storybook characters; they’re just a bunch of regular folks turned heroes. Join our monstrous band on a light-hearted and gritty adventure where they strive to make ends meet and end up entangled in bigger and riskier situations. Prepare to journey with these unlikely champions as they navigate a world that’s as twisted as it is thrilling.